Thursday, May 18, 2017

Weekly Bell Work

Weekly Bell Work

Whole Numbers for 6th Grade Review

Whole Numbers Bell Work

I have been working on making my warm-ups available and now the first two series are up! Weekly Bell Work: Whole Numbers (Freebie) and Weekly Bell Work: Whole Numbers Word Problem Edition. These two series are part of many more to come!

They both are extremely useful with a particular focus on Whole Numbers using Addition and Subtraction. I will be completing my sixth grade warm-ups prior to releasing seventh and eighth grade.

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Ratios & Unit Rates Bell Work

Since the above release of my first two units in the 6th Grade Bell Work Set, I have finished with a very fun warm-up revolving around Ratios and Unit Rates. It is one of my personal favorite units because ratios are vital to understanding proportions, similarity and not to mention fractions!  One of the many goals with these warm-ups is to grab your students attention and get them thinking immediately when class starts.  My Bell Work is fast, fun and engaging. It takes the teacher out of the center of the room and allows for them to complete daily tasks such as attendance, returning of graded materials and prepping for the activities to follow.  I always supply an answer key making reviewing seamless. My goal is to encourage high performance teaching with equally rigorous materials.