Thursday, May 18, 2017


Let me tell you a bit about myself... HI! My name is Tiarra Arthur! 
I am passionate about middle school math and came to love it by accident!  HA!  Here's a bit of my background for you:

In college my major was Secondary Education, so I knew I wanted to be a teacher -- However, my focus was on Biology NOT Math!  After graduating, there was no openings in my county for ANY science positions and I hastily snatched a teaching position as an English pool teacher.  I joined the school system mid-year so I had my work cut out for me. At the end of that year, I was presented an opportunity by my amazing Principal to secure a 7th Grade Math Classroom.  I jumped at it since science and math go hand in hand.  

I was up for the challenge! 

That year, was full of excitement for me. Not only was I a young teacher learning the ways of the world but I was also wanting my students to absorb information.  During that first year, I found my passion in creating math activities centered around stations or rotations.

So many trials and tribulations lead me to becoming a proficient Math Teacher and a stronger one at that!  Middle school students are unlike their younger and older counterparts - anyone can tell you that!  They have a strange mix of childlike mentalities in a almost teenager body --haha!

With that being said, it was a difficult adjustment for my students and myself included. I was so comfortable in college teaching science that I knew I had to implement those teaching processes to my current field of Math.  So I did!  I started from the ground up, literally! No one in my grade level was using centers so I was "all by myself" <singing the song too> BUT, I was confident in my abilities. 

In the end it was a beautiful experience and extremely valuable at that. That year, after assessments were completed our data came back from the county that I had the top performing students in my grade level! Toot my horn - whoop whoop!  All I can say, is that centers is where its at! 

Follow my Blog and learn my secrets :) I look forward to this experience!!!!