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Hop into #SpringSavings

This spring has been flourishing in more than one way! My Facebook page has been growing and it is with many thanks to people visiting my blog, TpT page and becoming followers of my small teacherprenueur business.  I have started to really look forward to the next year and half as that is my projected return to school date. My  youngest will be 3 shortly and my oldest is going to be going to VPK full-time! I have already started preparing what my classroom theme will be and I am so excited to reveal "pieces" of my Neon Dots Décor. This décor unit will be primarily for middle school math as many normal pieces of Décor packages are lacking what the typical math class requires. 
This sneak peak will highlight a few of my classroom "pieces"
1st: 2-d and 3-d Shapes This set is so valuable during your Geometry Unit. My incoming 7th graders find it so hard to understand that there are MORE than just the basic 3-d shapes they are comfortable working with such as rectangul…

JENGA Math Center

Jenga Math Centers One of my TOP 10 Favorite Centers Jenga!  I'm sure you have played this super addicting game as a child and couldn't wait for someone to topple that tower so you could shout out "JENGA!".  Well... I brought that pure joy into my classroom with Math Jenga.  I started out using my original product on Rational Numbers (addition and subtraction of fractions).
It was such a hit that I have since added to my list of Jenga Editions with:
1. Rational #s 2. Inequalities 3. Scientific Notation 4. Combining Like Terms
and now... my latest edition on Proportions!!! 
You can snag these bad boys at $1.50 a pop and very soon I will be making these my first ever BUNDLE edition... ahh... my oh my! I am really excited about it!! 
These games are perfect for those quick twenty minute stations you dream of having in your math classroom.  Students will be begging to keep going, trust me! Mine, didn't want to leave after the bell rang!  Answer keys are always inclu…

MATH Centers

M-A-T-H Centers Info on Centers Starting centers in Middle School can be a daunting task. BUT... they are so worth the time and sweat with the pay off the students learn.  We all are in the know that middle school students are in a transitional phase. They exhibit character traits that are still in the developing stages so typically they're chatting, have short term attention spans and sometimes can stray to off topic conversations as easy as turning a page. All the factors weighing against establishing centers in your math classroom are real and relevant. With that being said, it is still the most valuable way to spend time in your classroom.  Peer support and communication for your low level students is beyond what you can provide to them. Just like my toddler, I can visibly see how much more he learns by watching older kids.  This is the exact way our students learn too - by observing, listening, talking through obstacles and discussing methods for problem solving. 
The age ol…