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Middle School Math Mazes for 6th and 7th graders {FREEBIE}

Why Math Mazes? Well, did I mention they are FREE <rofl>… but seriously, these Math Mazes can make a big impact depending on their usage.  I love them to continue learning in a fast, quick and almost painless way.  These are perfect for a refresher of covered material or as a way to introduce topics, vocabulary and content!  
Each Math Maze contains between 8-10 questions and students will work through a maze to complete the activity.  Plus, they fit into a 6th or 7th grade classroom seamlessly! Each Math Maze focuses on a different concept and you can access them at my TpT Store:  Types of Angles andTypes of Polygons.
I know you will find these Math Mazes useful and so will your students. Below is an example from the Types of Angles edition which focuses on the differences between Complementary (two angles with a sum of 90 degrees), Supplementary (two angles with a sum of 180 degrees), Adjacent (two angles that share a vertex) and Vertical angles (two angles that are equivalent…

End of the Year

Wow, the end is near for many of you! 

Congratulations for making it and I hope you look forward to the summer!  Remember, the next school year will be here in no time. It is literally like you blink and BAM, new school year and new kids.  It is mid-May now and many of you have a few weeks left before the last day of school.  Wondering what to do with that? Don't fiddle your fingers waiting for the day to end with nothing to do - Use these MATH Choice Boards! 
MATH Choice Boards
They will make reviewing the year's content enjoyable and meaningful with student led activities that will require critical thinking and peer reviewing.  Each 5 BIG Domains have their own Choice Board filled with a variety of activities that students can pick on their own to accomplish.  Examples include making Vocabulary study cards, journal entries, brochures, color by codes and foldables!  I have included ALL the templates that you will need to begin the portfolios so all you have to do is supply t…