Savvy Shoppers Searching for Sales (Percent Activity)

Released July 2017

This activity was a labor of love! I wanted to recreate a previous top selling activity in my personal store with the same concept but different feel. The original was a restaurant setting and the new product is all about shopping!  Our daily lives revolve around middle school math - I tell my students ALL the time that the mathematics they are learning in middle school is the regular math we use throughout our lives.  So, to relate the real world with my seventh graders I developed this activity!

It uses a simple "Savvy Sales Ad" with realistic clothing at a discounted price. Students use a "Customer Receipt" which resembles an actual sales slip. This activity takes it a step further though by applying a "Daily Discount" that varies from day to day. So, if you are like me and conduct one center rotation per day you will LOVE this activity because each day, students will calculate different discounts!  

Is that all you ask? NO! Of course not - NOT when you are Tiarra Arthur, MATH center guru hahaha my intensive students are all on different levels so I have to incorporate differentiate in my instruction to best meet their needs.  I continue the learning by having the students use their pre-selected clothing items and calculate the percentage of discount.  

I am a BIG fan of Positive Behavior Systems (PBS) and so most of my activities have "winners" - In this activity the winner is the person with the highest savings to spending ratio (hello spiral review! Boo-Ah) You see... with this activity we are all WINNERS!

Volume & Surface Area Mini-Bundle Set (5 Activities)

Released July 2017

Are you a prepper! Grab this mini-bundle set and let the planning commence!  Ha Ha Ha, seriously though... I love these activities.  It is seriously all you need to complete your lesson on Volume and Surface Area.  It completely covers all six polyhedrons including rectangular/triangular prisms, square/triangular pyramids, cylinders and cones.

Comes with 5 activities with varying usage from openers, center/station activities, follow-up questions, self-reflections, task cards and a word search!  I can't tell you enough how valuable this is for every teacher to have on hand.
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Works perfectly for substitute lessons as all activities are easy to follow and assess with the detailed answer keys that I provide.  Excellent for your fast finishing students and advanced kiddos by challenging them to solve the composite figures questions.