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About Me


Thank you so much for stopping by to learn a bit about me.

Hi! There is so much to begin with but first and foremost...I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, TpT seller and stay at home mom!  I taught for three years prior to starting my family so my passion is in Education but for the mean time my place is at home raising my beautiful two babies, Everett and Paislee.  In between family time, I also assist in my husbands lawn care business with the account receivables. 

I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University and from there snatched a position in my hometown of Naples, FL at a local middle school.  I was focused on Biology in college but did get a dual certification in Math and Biology to diversify myself amongst the competition. After gaining employment, I was asked to teach 7th Grade Intensive/Regular Math.  I enjoyed my time with the students tremendously and am really looking forward to getting back into the classroom in the next few years once my children are school aged as well.

Currently, all my creative juices are being translated into Teachers Pay Teachers products. However, since my two rascals are very energetic it is hard to find time to focus on TpT during the day.  So, I find the nights are best for me to create, plan and focus on my activities.  I primarily use interactive notebooks, math centers and more small group activities than whole group lessons. I find especially with my intensive group of students that "teacher-talk" is not the best teaching practice. 


Besides being an awesome mother and wife, I do really enjoy gardening and being outdoors.  My family is avid air boaters and with the Florida Everglades right behind us it is hard to not want to be in the wild.  I have a family sized garden where I grow seasonal vegetables and get my hands dirty alongside with my babies. 

We also have seven egg laying hens that are such a joy to have. If you are a pet lover, I would really suggest getting chickens. They are very easy to care for and are such fun watching. My kids learn everyday about them and have fun feeding treats or kitchen scraps that we put aside for our ladies.  Something I want to instill in my children is that self-sufficiency is an important attribute to have.

Growing your own food and knowing how to care for animals is extremely important to me.
I am currently teaching myself how to preserve food and reading up on how to can vegetables. My tomato harvest is underway and one goal was to make pasta sauce by scratch. My herbs are on point and the tomatoes are ripening! So, I'll cross my fingers that I can hear that "pop" sound when it comes time to pull them from the vines. 

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Middle School Math Mazes for 6th and 7th graders {FREEBIE}

Why Math Mazes? Well, did I mention they are FREE <rofl>… but seriously, these Math Mazes can make a big impact depending on their usage.  I love them to continue learning in a fast, quick and almost painless way.  These are perfect for a refresher of covered material or as a way to introduce topics, vocabulary and content!  
Each Math Maze contains between 8-10 questions and students will work through a maze to complete the activity.  Plus, they fit into a 6th or 7th grade classroom seamlessly! Each Math Maze focuses on a different concept and you can access them at my TpT Store:  Types of Angles andTypes of Polygons.
I know you will find these Math Mazes useful and so will your students. Below is an example from the Types of Angles edition which focuses on the differences between Complementary (two angles with a sum of 90 degrees), Supplementary (two angles with a sum of 180 degrees), Adjacent (two angles that share a vertex) and Vertical angles (two angles that are equivalent…

Hop into #SpringSavings

This spring has been flourishing in more than one way! My Facebook page has been growing and it is with many thanks to people visiting my blog, TpT page and becoming followers of my small teacherprenueur business.  I have started to really look forward to the next year and half as that is my projected return to school date. My  youngest will be 3 shortly and my oldest is going to be going to VPK full-time! I have already started preparing what my classroom theme will be and I am so excited to reveal "pieces" of my Neon Dots Décor. This décor unit will be primarily for middle school math as many normal pieces of Décor packages are lacking what the typical math class requires. 
This sneak peak will highlight a few of my classroom "pieces"
1st: 2-d and 3-d Shapes This set is so valuable during your Geometry Unit. My incoming 7th graders find it so hard to understand that there are MORE than just the basic 3-d shapes they are comfortable working with such as rectangul…

Winter is Here!

October and November (almost to the end) has come and gone! Where did the last two months go?  I remember, they have been filled with diy Dinosaur Costume attire and Thanksgiving menu prep <rofl>  It has for sure been a good Fall but I am really looking forward to cooler weather, camp fires and Christmas Lights.  We just got ours up and the twinkling glow is already filling my heart with positive vibes.

On to the real business of things.  I am hear to shout to the moon and back, that kids love Christmas Holidays. You know, the excitement and childlike behavior that fills your middle school classroom with chaos and shenanigans. Each day ends with a countdown of when you are released as well!  Turn all that negative energy into positive ones with Winter Themed Activities that are not only fun but challenging for your Math classes!

I am a huge advocate of Winter Break material. I teach at a Title 1 school, which means I have many students that are of low economic status. I large …