Jenga Math Centers

One of my TOP 10 Favorite Centers

Jenga!  I'm sure you have played this super addicting game as a child and couldn't wait for someone to topple that tower so you could shout out "JENGA!".  Well... I brought that pure joy into my classroom with Math Jenga.  I started out using my original product on Rational Numbers (addition and subtraction of fractions).

It was such a hit that I have since added to my list of Jenga Editions with:

1. Rational #s
2. Inequalities
3. Scientific Notation
4. Combining Like Terms

and now... my latest edition on Proportions!!! 

You can snag these bad boys at $1.50 a pop and very soon I will be making these my first ever BUNDLE edition... ahh... my oh my! I am really excited about it!! 

These games are perfect for those quick twenty minute stations you dream of having in your math classroom.  Students will be begging to keep going, trust me! Mine, didn't want to leave after the bell rang!  Answer keys are always included.  So, how are you going to keep track of your students learning and understanding??? Well... I have taken care of that for you too with my handy dandy Workspace Document that includes sections to show their work on plus it indicates if the student has gotten the problem correct. This gives you valuable insight on your struggling students. From my classroom to yours!
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Update :::::::: JENGA 5 Editions Bundle Now Available!!!

As promised in the above entry, I have finally released my very first Bundle Edition for the enticing Math Center that I used in my very own classroom.  You will receive ALL 5 activities from the original post at a discounted rate of course ;)

However, if you so choose the editions can be sold separately if you would rather pick-n-choose which activities are right for your lesson plan. 
Jenga Bundle $7.00 or $1.50 per edition